Haibike E-Bikes – 2016 models are now here !

Next big thing

Haibike offers a comprehensive range of Bosch powered models. The new compact Bosch CX motor offers an impressive 75nm of torque for effortless hill climbing and the new 500 watt hour Bosch power pack delivers a considerably increased riding range.

The German manufacturers of Haibike are highly regarded innovators in performance mountain bikes (MTBs) trekking and racing bikes, and for their e-bike range they have married their expertise with Bosch’s propulsion system to produce an amazing off-road machine; the XDURO.

The Bosch Middle Motor concept is not only lightweight but also extremely compact, allowing Haibike to build machines with a far shorter wheelbase than that of its competitors. Being natural innovators, Haibike have taken this further still by inverting the motor to allow even greater ground clearance. This combination of short wheelbase and high ground clearance enables Haibike riders to outperform the competition on rough-terrain jumps and other manoeuvres.

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